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Practice Areas

Business Formation, Licenses and Dissolution

They’re a lot of factors that have to be looked at before setting up a business. All of them are tremendously affect the type and scale of business form. In this chapter we w

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Judicial settlement of disputes

Representation of clients interest in civil and administrative courts; Court litigation in criminal cases;

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Tax and Taxation

Advising on tax regulation;

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Subsoil Use Law

Advising on issues of acquiring rights for subsoil and subsoil use, exploration and production;

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Investment Projects Support

Support of Real Estate investment projects;

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Intellectual Property & Information Technologies

Registration and protection of Intellectual Property Rights;

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Labor Law

Drafting employment contracts, secondment agreements ;

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Real Estate and Construction

Legal support of real estate transactions, including reconstruction and construction of new objects;

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Banking and Finance

legal assistance in connection with transactions on capital markets;

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Antitrust Law

Expertise and legal audit commercial contracts in the frame of antitrust law;

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal Support of M& A transactions; Due- diligence;

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Corporate Governance

Development of code of corporate governance and other internal documents on CG;

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