Banking and Finance

We provide the following services:

  • legal assistance in connection with transactions on capital markets;
    legal due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of banks and insurance companies;
  • project and business financing;
  • legal due diligence for establishing borrowers’ creditworthiness and solvency;
    regulatory compliance;
  • financial products: bond issues, derivatives, loan and credit products, syndicated loans;
  • issue and placement of securities;
  • advising and consummating of stock transactions;
  • legal documents pertaining to banking, insurance, investment undertakings (incl. investment firms) and financing activities;
  • matters concerning licensing of banks, insurers, investment firms and other financial institutions;
  • rules governing current own funds, capital adequacy and other ratios of a financial institution;
  • organisation of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing in financial institutions, and resolving pertaining complicated matters concerning, i.a. criminal proceedings.