Business Formation, Licenses and Dissolution

They’re a lot of factors that have to be looked at before setting up a business. All of them are tremendously affect the type and scale of business form.

In this chapter we would explore the opportunities of each type of business form, share our practical thoughts on strategy of entering the international companies to Kazakhstan market based on examining of our realized projects of establishing the commercial presence and furthering the business activity for international subsoil use, pharmaceutical and trade companies.

We will next consider the features of license-permit procedure in a relevant subchapter.

Chapter will be finalized by examining the particularities arising out of voluntary business dissolving and bankruptcy.

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  • Registration legal entity (Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Joint- Stock Company (JSC), Joint Ventures (JV), Non Commercial organization (NGO), Trusts, Foundations and etc);
  • Registration representative office, branch;
  • Preparation of founding documents of legal entities and subsidiaries;
  • Corporate change registration (re-registration of legal entities, subsidiaries, change of name of company and/or change of share acquisition and increase/decrease of share capital);
  • Liquidation of legal entities, branches, representative offices (voluntary liquidation and liquidation by decision of the court);
  • Licenses and permits for all business activities;
  • Work permits and immigration/migration legal support.