International Business Litigation and Cross-border Dispute Resolution in Kazakhstan Courts

BOND STONE team possess a vast experience in cross-border business and commercial litigation and defending international business in Kazakhstan courts.

The foreign party to a contract may file a case in Kazakhstan courts in three cases:

– Contract lacks governing Law clause

– Contract contains governing law of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan courts as a venue 

– Parties do not has a contract 

First, when contract between parties do not has a governing law clause and incorporated jurisdiction venue, second, when a contract has a direct governing law of Kazakhstan and incorporated jurisdiction venue by which a case shall be filed with Kazakhstan courts, and third, when parties do not has a contract at all, but still has invoices and other evidences of business relation ship. In all those examples the other party to a contract or in business relationship is a Kazakhstan company, i.e. incorporated under laws of Kazakhstan.

In all other instances where the case is ruled by foreign courts we do provide services of execution of foreign court decision in accordance with the HCCH Convention on Civil Procedure 1954 and HCCH Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters 1965 (Hague Service Convention) to which Kazakhstan is party.

In addition to litigation services in civil courtrooms we do provide attorney services in administrative cases. All our attorneys are fully licensed and admitted to practice in trial, appeal and supreme Kazakhstan courts.