Kazakhstan FinTech – Forex (Crypto) Trading, Brokerage and Payment Processing

Kazakhstan FinTech. Financial sector is no more a bank as we accustomed to think in its classical interpretation. Digitalization of banking and financial sector gives invaluable opportunity to increase profitability and streamline business processes, not least for the customers and users convenience in terms of speed and cost-efficiency. In the past couple pandemic years world saw the raise of new and strengthening the pioneer FinTech global companies that use cutting edge technologies and innovations, like Robinhood, Coinbase, Sofi, Affirm, Wise and other fresh comers, and veterans like VISA and Mastercard topping three financial mega caps leaving banks behind.

Kazakhstan keeps abreast on FinTech industry trends. Today Kazakhstan is the world’s third largest BTC mining destination covering almost 15% of global hash rate, actively engaged in crypto and digital assets trading on AIFC (Astana International Financial Center) platform. Wide range of dissemination the blockchain technology and crypto (digital) currency are around the corner. Of special note is Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) formed in the likeness of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) positioned to be a regional FinTech Hub for Central Asia proved its special attractiveness and efficiency for investors and global fintech companies. AIFC is a new concept of fintech platform with favorable conditions and high quality of infrastructure, legal transparency, and flexible regulations.

Our Kazakhstan Fintech attorneys in association with the AIFC authorities are well-positioned to serve fintech investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups and provide complex legal services in fintech industry, including incorporation, licensure and transactional matters, representation in dispute resolution and international court based on English law.

Our Kazakhstan FinTech attorneys provide the following services in Kazakhstan FinTech industry, including those based on AIFC platform:

  • incorporation, company formation services, drafting corporate constituent documents.
  • legal advice with preparation legal memorandum (legal opinion) on financial regulations and regulatory requirements, including AML (anti-money laundering) Rules for establishing and running FinTech companies involved in forex trading, brokerage (dealing with investments), payment processing, crypto mining, crypto and digital assets trading in Kazakhstan, including AIFC jurisdiction.
  • licensure issues regarding running the fintech activities, including Kazakhstan forex license, brokerage (securities and commodities), dealing with investments, payment processing, crypto mining, crypto and digital assets trading.
  • Contractual and commercial aspects of FinTech activity, including drafting and review of commercial (business) and employment contracts, negotiations and conclusion, settlement, and enforcement.
  • In and out-of-court dispute resolution and settlement, enforcement of judicial acts, representation of interests in Kazakhstan courts, AIFC Court and International Arbitration Center;